Winning, Losing, and Learning JiuJitsu

Grandmaster Carlos Gracie Sr. once spoke “There is no losing in JiuJitsu. You either win or you learn.” This is a great quote especially since people like to ascribe value to outcomes and even numbers for measuring progress. It is easy to tap to someone and think “I lost” or tap someone out and think “I won”. It is easy to tap someone 6 times and say “That is 4 more than last time. I am getting better.”

So if there is no losing, then why is there winning? The value of the outcome is always going to be dependent on how you describe a win or a loss. It is pretty clear-cut in competition: You either get the gold, or you don’t. Why is it different for training JiuJitsu?

The issue here with winning versus losing is that both are different sides of the same coin. If somebody wins, then somebody, by definition, must lose.

To me, it’s different.

In my opinion, you either Learn JiuJitsu or you Don’t learn JiuJitsu. Win or lose, what did you learn?

What good is taking a gold medal if you learned nothing? Would that still make you a winner?

What good is losing if you learned nothing? In both cases, you lost. You lost because you didn’t learn anything valuable as a JiuJitsu practitioner.

Whatever forum you choose to do your winning or losing, always remember that learning is the big takeaway.

Learning JiuJitsu is the most important thing we do everyday. It isn’t tapping others and not tapping to others. It is learning. How did ┬áJiuJitsu make you better? What did you learn today that will give you the tools to succeed in life both on and off the mats.

A thousand wins means nothing if you did not learn one thing and on the other hand, one thousand losses means much more if you earned one thousand life lessons. .

As always, thank you for reading. I want to hear your thoughts, please share below!

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