What a crazy world we’re experiencing currently. Gyms have all but shut down and people are scrambling to get in as much at home jiu-jitsu training as humanly possible. I personally have had to modify a lot of my work outs since I longer have my school to open up nor do I have a gym to go to.

As we navigate through these challenging times together, I want to be a resource and help as many people as possible with their at home jiujitsu training. For those of us who have mats and a significant other or kiddo they can train with at home while on quarantine, many of these will be supplemental. For others, however, who are stuck solo, these are just some ideas you can incorporate into your everyday at home jiu-jitsu training. I will be posting workouts regularly, however, this post will be all about equipment you can get to help you do jiu-jitsu specific training at home.

Home Mats

Home mats aren’t exactly a “necessity” but it does make drilling a lot easier than training on carpet, hardwood or tile flooring. If you’re going to be doing jiu-jitsu training at home, it may be a good idea to invest in some half-way decent flooring in order to do drills. None of us know how long this quarantine will last and though  I don’t buy it, some experts are claiming 18 months (I doubt it but you never know). Personally, I use Dollamur flexi-roll mats at home (extras I borrowed from my school), however, you don’t necessarily need to break the bank for mats. These knock-off home mats will work and in a financial pinch, you can even consider these puzzle mats here.

Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands are a personal essential for at home training. I’ve been able to do most of my Jiu-jitsu specific at home training using resistance bands and a single Kettle bell. In this section, I’ll talk about two types of resistance bands: Glute Bands as well as larger, heavier resistance bands.

Glute bands

Glute bands are an essential for me with regard to at home jiu-jitsu training. In the past, I used glute bands as either a method of warming up or, doing some type of shuffle circuit after leg work (deadlifts and squats). As grapplers, we rely heavily on our glutes for power, mobility and stability and glute bands are a simple, effective AND affordable way to strengthen your lower half for jiu-jitsu. For at home workouts, I am using glute bands to shuffle in a grappling stance. Hips low, posture up, shuffle side to side. These glute bands are similar to the ones I use.

Fringe Sport Resistance Bands

I’ve always been a big fan of larger, heavier resistance bands for PT type work. You can also use resistance bands for take-down shots by attaching the longer one to a slim pole and wrapping it around your waist. These are perfect for squats, lunges and wrestling shots (just watch your knees if you don’t have home mats). There are a lot of resistance bands to choose from. Personally, I LOVE Fringe Sport (You can check them out here).

Barbell and some Fat Gripz

Grip Strength and strong shoulders are a huge PLUS in Jiu-jitsu. Lately, for my at home jiujitsu training, I have been replying heavily on the combination of a basic barbell (no plates necessary but if you can afford to grab them, bumper plates work best for home gyms).


In the coming days, I’ll be sharing some of my workouts using just a barbell and some fat grips. The idea will be to develop shoulder stability and strength while also punishing the forearms for extra grip strength. You can find a simple barbell relatively cheap (they are expensive but worth it) as well as some fatgripz on Amazon.

Barbell and Fat Grips for At home Workout

Grappling Dummy

A lot of people are turning to grappling dummies for their at home jiu-jitsu training, especially if they’re at home, solo, without a partner. Luckily for me, I have a significant other that trains so technically, I have my own personal grappling dummy. But for those who don’t, this one is a good option. We used to have one of these that was donated by a student. It was great for knee on belly drills, take-down drills and you guessed it, arm-bar drills (from mount). One of my favorite things to work on, however, were blast double with a lift. They come in multiple sizes so feel free to choose which is right for you.

Kettle Bells

Kettle bells are a tried and true favorite of mine keeping at-home training regimen. They are simple, easy and an amazing way to build strength, stability and coordination needed for jiu-jitsu. There are a variety of ways to use Kettle bells and their versatility can keep things fun. Again, I love Fringesport kettle bells but in a financial pinch, CAP makes some good ones (that I also use).

My friend Robert, also a Jiu-jitsu black belt has some awesome jiu-jitsu specific programming using Kettle Bell circuits. Check him out here. 

Gymnast Rings and Parallettes

In my opinion, these are a godsend for upper body work. Jiu-jitsu practitioners need exceptional grip strength, core strength and stability throughout the entire body. Gymnastics work can be a monumental help to create a perfect jiu-jitsu upper body and can be done quite easily at home. Gymnastics rings and parallettes are two simple tools that can be used quite effectively for at home jiu-jitsu training.

Vita Vibe parallettes are the parallettes I’ve been using for years. They’re affordable and can be stowed away in the house quite easily. They are perfect for at home training. These are the exact ones I use.


Gymastics Rings can be a little trickier if you do not have a beam that can support your weight. I personally walk to my HOA’s jungle gym and hang them on the swing set. These are great for pull-ups, ring dips, rows and pushups. For the purposes of jiu-jitsu, these will be much better than run of the mill pull-ups. These are the ones I use. 


Note: Gymastics training can be complicated if you do not know what you’re doing. For the parallettes and the rings, I would strongly recommend finding a good program. I have personally used GMB Fitness and have amazing things to say about the programs.

Suples Bulgarian Sandbag

Alright, for the hardcore practitioners who want a hardcore workout at home. These Bulgarian Sand Bags are the TRUTH. I personally don’t have one anymore but I used to use this monster back at an old academy. It was donated to the gym. I would stay after classes and swing this best around –total body conditioning. There are many out there but this is the brand you want. The Suples Bulgarian Sandbag is super high quality and is guaranteed to strengthen your grips as well as the rest of your body. The link above comes with an instructional series which is a bonus.


This isn’t necessarily “at home training” in the strict sense of the word “training” but let’s face it, nutrition is IMPORTANT. With everything going on in the world, good health becomes more crucial than ever before. Most jiu-jitsu practitioners will fall off the wagon and use this time to get out of shape. DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU! In the event you need a good nutrition coach, Jiu-jitsu purple belt and former bodybuilder Steph Trevino is incredible (She also does at-home training).

Importance of Training at Home

I don’t need to stress the importance of training at home. Especially for all you jiu-jitsu practitioners reading this, these times are delicate. When all is said and done, there will be a lot of practitioners who just fall off and never return for the simple fact that they were unable or unwilling to keep up a training regimen at home. Now more than ever, discipline is necessary if you are going to maintain your goals. At home jiu-jitsu training may not be feasible for all of us, but using the above tools, we can help keep our bodies conditioned for jiu-jitsu when the time comes to return.

Again, as I disclosed earlier, the above contains referral links to various Amazon products. If you would like to support this post or my website, I encourage you to please use them if you decide to purchase any of the above.

Thanks for reading and be sure to share with your friends!

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