Yesterday, I posted about an article that suggested 10 reasons why you’re broke. Whether you’re broke or not is irrelevant but the 10 points this article brought up were all applicable to the practice of jiu jitsu. I wanted to expand a little further on the notion of risk taking and furthermore, investing in oneself.

A few weeks ago, I was feeling a little guilty about wanting to purchase an instructional video from someone whose guard I admire. As hokey as this sounds, I struggled with whether or not I should spend the money on it and ultimately decided that I would not. Later that week, my girlfriend and I ordered Chinese food and my fortune cookie read (I can’t make this up…), “An investment in knowledge is one that always pays dividends.” Needless to say, I agreed and immediately went to my laptop to purchase the video.

Back to the article, the most crucial business one must invest in is oneself. Knowledge is power and the importance of acquiring knowledge throughout one’s lifespan is tantamount to success in the areas you choose to invest in. I purchased this video and another and have been working hard at developing this specific skill set and thus far, the return on my investment has been exponential. They have helped me develop my own system and sequence and the amount of money I have put in is negligible compared to what I’ve already gained.

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