Staying true to their simplistic design, Jiu-jiteiro has created another outstanding kimono. In my opinion, what makes Jiujiteiro branding so excellent is the precise and subtle attention to detail. The style has so many intricacies that are laid out beautifully.

The Gi top is constructed with a 400G lightweight Pearl Weave while the pants are made of 10oz Ripstop. The construction is like their Jiujiteiro Comp V1, similar in fit and design.

The pant and arm sleeve openings are tapered and reinforced with ripstop fabric and display the Jiujiteiro branding along the interior with a small tag on the outside. The same is found along the inner lining of the uniform’s skirt.

Much like the Comp V1, the inside skirt and upper back area are reinforced with a comfortable mesh fabric though I am not sure if it is the same exact fabric.

Oh, and by the way…  it only costs $119 (which I thought was a typo at first)???


The Jiujiteiro Core uniform is This kimono has become my favorite for traveling with and training in. It is lightweight, coming in at 3.6lbs for the A2.  Note that in my review of the V1, I was at the time 6’0, 176lbs wearing the A2. I am currently still 6’0”, weighing 185lbs and the A2 still fits quite well.

In training, the Gi is comfortable and light enough to endure a good two-hour training session in the Texas heat. The collar is nice and stiff, and the construction of the sleeve openings make it more challenging to grab onto. In many respects, the Core Gi fits and trains like the Comp V1 except just a tad more comfortable.

My only knock on this gi is the pants are a little baggier than I like but as you can see from the photo, they’re not bad at all, even after a 1.5 hour training session.

Also, I should add that during training, this gi got plenty of compliments which is pretty impressive seeing as how I was trying to strangle my training partners with it.

Closing Thoughts

This is an incredible gi. Jiujiteiro has done another amazing job creating a quiet masterpiece. If you like loud, noisy kimonos, with superfluous branding and patches, this one is not for you. If you want to pay a lot of money for hype, this kimono is not for you.

If, however, you like to move quietly and let your jiu-jitsu do the talking, I highly recommend picking up this gi before they’re gone. At $119, this uniform is a steal. I would gladly pay more. Check ’em out here! 


The Jiujiteiro Core Kimono is another great testament that you don’t have to be loud or expensive to be great.

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