Very rarely do you come across a gi that is an absolute work of art. Initially, when I got this gi (in Black), I was hesitant to want to train in it because I felt like it belonged in a frame instead. This isn’t even hyperbole; the gi is this beautiful.

I have always been a fan of The Jiujiteiro and the lifestyle brand that they are creating. This is the first gi that I have owned from them and I am beyond impressed. The kimono top is constructed of a 400gsm pearl weave and the pants are a 10oz ripstop fabric. It is incredibly lightweight (approximately 3.8 lbs = A2) and quite comfortable in training. It’s soft and breathes well and its construction is such that I don’t imagine it will come apart as easily as many other lightweight gis.

What sets this gi truly apart is the attention to detail it was created with.

The cuffs of both the sleeves and the pants are triple stitched (might be quadruple stitched; I can’t tell under the seam) and include a lined “jiujiteiro” branding. This lining is also found along the edge of the skirt and is beautifully simple and well done.

The “yoke” of the uniform as well as the side vents of the skirt are both reinforced with a nice and soft mesh fabric. This is yet another small subtlety that goes a long way in the design of the kimono.

The Fit

Initially, out of the bag the pants were baggy. This was my only issue. After a wash and dry, the pants fit fine and the top fit me perfectly. For reference, I’m 6’0, 176lbs wearing the A2.

The sleeves are nicely tapered and the triple stitching on the cuffs make it a little more challenging for an opponent to grab. The foam collar is also stiff and holds up well.

What I Love Most

The details are the best part of the gi. Many uniform brands tout the “simplicity” of their kimonos but very few can pull it off as well as Jiujiteiro has with their V1. The gi is jet black right out of the bag and looks astonishingly simple at first glance. The details, however, are abundant without being intrusive. This kimono is the most aesthetically pleasing kimono I have ever owned.

Fit perfectly after a wash and dry

Bonus: The Kimono Bag

Earlier I mentioned the level of detail and thoughtfulness that the Jiujiteiro put into making an amazing product. This craftiness extended to the production of their Gi bag (which has been serving me well as a uniform bag, a gym bag and even a few trips to the beach). The gi bag is made of a ripstop fabric and lined with a mesh inner layer. Drawstrings seal the bag closed and perhaps the most awesome detail is the zipper pocket on the side. It has been perfect for keeping my wallet, keys and sunglasses secure while using the main compartment for the uniform, clothes, beach towels, et cetera.


I’m a big fan of this kimono. As a jiu-jitsu practitioner that aims to simplify is game on the mats while paying attention to the details, I genuinely appreciate simplicity and  the level of detail in the products I consume. Aesthetically, this uniform is probably my favorite, up there with the comp standard collections from Shoyoroll. It is an amazing, light-weight gi. It is comfortable and especially great to train in during these hot summer months.

This is a must-buy in my humble opinion.

You can check out the Jiujiteiro Comp V1 on their website here. Also, be sure to check out their Summer ’18 collection for more lifestyle apparel!

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