I first started taking Natural Stacks supplements in mid-late July. I have never been one for supplements because it always feels like you can never trust what it really is that is going into the product. After a few lengthy and productive conversations with the co-founder, I realized how legit this company was and how seriously it values quality and performance over marketing and hype. I decided to give it a shot and started off with BioCreatine before each training session.

Initially, I was pretty excited about how my energy levels increased throughout the days after hard training. My need for nap-time started to lessen and soreness was decreased. I also noticed that I was not bloated and I did not gain any water weight. I began to look a little leaner, but for the most part, I was happier about how I felt everyday despite a rough training/school/life schedule.

Recently, I decided to start taking BioCreatine daily –unbelievable! I haven’t changed much in my diet save for adding Natural Stacks grass-fed protein (which is also phenomenal!) over the last month. Overall, the difference has been night and day. My body looks and feels leaner with absolutely no bloating. My muscle tissue is a little more dense, I have increased strength and stamina during training and a whole lot less fatigue afterward. My brain is functioning really well despite putting my body through the ringer and my quality of life has greatly improved.

I strongly encourage you to check these products out. No gimmicks, no hype, and no BS. Just results.



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