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Beyond Technique is the new instructional video from professors Nic Gregoriades and Kit Dale that is designed to provide an instructional framework beyond the step-by-step instructional videos that currently make up a vast majority of the genre. Initially what appealed to me is the similar approach that I take when learning and teaching. It’s surprising how many times I’ve caught someone with some of the movements that are described in this video and it’s attributed to some crazy ninja skillset I (do not) have.

I won’t spend too much time providing a detailed review of this DVD (you can find a great review here, and much better than I could provide!), rather, I’ll give you the gist in hopes that you seek out this product. Kit Dale and Nic Gregoriades do an incredible job of simplifying concepts that are absolutely crucial to the techniques themselves. By giving out tips that are often overlooked in practice and conventional instruction, Beyond Technique really facilitates an understanding of the “why” behind the “what”. This simplification is key in helping you grasp some of the fundamental components that make the actual movements work.

I am a huge fan of this DVD and highly recommend it. It’s great for all levels and even if you already use some of these concepts, it is worth the investment to hear these two renowned Jiu Jitsu professors explain it in their terms. Plus, Kit Dale has a really wild camera stare down.

In any case, check it out!

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