A few weeks ago, I heard some pretty cool advice on a podcast. The topic was about writers and writer’s block. Writer’s block is basically like a JiuJitsu practitioner hitting a plateau. Nothing seems to work out, rambling unintelligibly is par for the course and stagnation is prevalent.

The guest suggested that if you’re having a problem producing good content, the problem perhaps is not that you cannot produce good content, but maybe that you have not produced enough bad content.

This is an interesting thought here, particularly with JiuJitsu practice because we all want good training sessions. I always want good training sessions and the chip on my shoulder seems to be so big that I cannot stand having bad ones. So I work harder so that my good training sessions can greatly outnumber the bad.

This is obviously not always the case. My bad training sessions still outnumber my good ones… especially when you take the life of my JiuJitsu journey and compare it all across the board. I’ve had way more “bad sessions” than good.

So maybe if you’re hitting plateaus and still having trouble not producing good days, practice having some more bad days.

The law of averages suggests that you’ve got to have a good training session at some point, right?

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