Hi everyone, this is more of a question to you than a post. This morning, I was doing a little writing and I thought to myself about how often I train and wondered what I would do if I was only able to train once or twice a week. If I could train for only two hours each week, how would I spend that time?

It is remarkable to think that time is something a lot of us take for granted.┬áJust yesterday, I was talking to a friend of mine about his work situation and I talked about the completely arbitrary “40 hour week” as if 40 hours is some kind of standard by which we need to get things done. I told him that “work expands to fill the time alotted”. If you have 30 hours in a work week, you could get your work done in 30 hours. If you had 50, you would get the same amount of work done in 50. Make sense?

So, with regard to training:

For a lot of us, we have a certain amount of hours each week to train and we don’t give it much more thought. My question though is, if you could only train for two hours each week, how would you train? Here are some sample questions I’ll ask you and I would LOVE for you to email me your thoughts.

If you could only train two hours each week, would you:

1) Spend more time sparring?

2) Spend more time drilling?

3) Just practice demonstrated techniques?

4) Would you spend more time off the mats mentally rehearsing or visualizing more than you already do?

5) Would you research more (YouTube, instructionals, books, etc) more than you already do?

6) What changes would you make in your life? Would you eat better? Sleep better? Spend more time with friends?

Please send me your thoughts with this contact form below! Stay connected to my e-mail list as I’ll likely be replying at length with a training regimen in the event that I would only be able to train twice a week!

I have devoted an entire afternoon to reading and replying to your emails so please stay in touch! I want to hear from you!

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