You learn a lot of things in JiuJitsu. For the most part, you gain a lot of technical instruction and you develop a great conceptual understanding of movement and leverage.

I believe the most important thing you learn in JiuJitsu is how to get back up when you fall.

My mom’s had a lot to do with my development as a human being. She gave me her resilience and her strength to endure and push forth. I attribute a lot of my success to her and more importantly, I attribute my ability to rebound from failures and my ability to withstand adversity from her.

Maybe it’s because of her that it’s easy for me to get back up when I am down.

My JiuJitsu instruction has come in handy and very early on, I learned a valuable lesson in humility. I learned how to take my lumps. I  learned how to take my beatings. I learned how to love it all because every single beating I’ve ever taken has made me better both on and off the mats.

In Judo it was the same thing. The art of getting thrown and having to get back up repeatedly wasn’t  just part of the practice… it was part of the lifestyle… it was a metaphor for being able to learn how to fall and learn how to get back up. It solidified my JiuJitsu practice.

Even though JiuJitsu takes its place on the ground for a majority of the time, we still must learn how to get back up.

Throughout my tenure I have faced so much adversity and at the current moment, I have been placed in a nearly impossible situation but I have made the promise to myself, long before the shit hit the fan,  that I will persevere and I will forge through.

I am thankful for JiuJitsu because I know that after every training session, I can always get back up, walk back to my partner and hit the reset button with a hand-slap.

I am thankful for JiuJitsu because in life, I know that whenever I am hit hard, my only option is to stand back up, look my opponent in the eyes, slap hands and get after it again… if only for just one last time until the day I can no longer get back up.


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