In my eyes, the best part about making mistakes is that you will always have an opportunity to learn from them. I make mistakes often and I am never immune to psychological distress. I get nervous just as much as the next guy, but I always try to channel that nervousness into positive energy. We’ve all got butterflies and that’s ok. We are human.

This past weekend, I got caught and took silver and that’s ok. We all make mistakes. I never felt right going into this competition because I never quite found a way to channel my energy. I had been so focused on other endeavors that I lost sight of this one. I lost fair and square and knowing that I have plenty of room to improve is where I take solace.

I recently started reading a book called Relentless, . by Tim Grover. In it was a quote, “In order to have what you really want, you must first be who you really are.” It is always easy to get lost in your own goals and when your efforts fall short, to blame it on all sorts of factors. When I took a step back to reassess the situation, I realized my efforts fell short because my goals were misguided. After every match, I get a little closer to learning who I really am and consequently, having what I really want.

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