Now more than ever, I am learning the true value of patience. Given my circumstances, I’ve had to reconstruct my training plan. Things this week are a little willy-nilly and the major challenge is to be patient, assess my situation, evaluate my options and then put a plan in place in order to succeed.

“Failing to plan is planning to fail”

This morning, I woke up. It was like many other mornings except for the last week. I set my alarm for the latest possible time I wanted to be awake although most other mornings, I have not used an alarm at all.

I woke up, brushed my teeth, made coffee and took my dogs out and did a little meditation on the trails by my apartment. I relax and take a moment to be present while they do their thing in the bushes.

I got home, started to sip my coffee when the urge to go for a run hit me. I was just about to head out when all of a sudden I realized “wait, this isn’t part of the plan”.

The plan was to do some NoGi at noon, boxing at 3, Bjj from 7-8:30. That was the plan. There was no running involved.

This threw me. I couldn’t decide if I should just go for a run or if I should do what I planned to do in the first place: Relax, drink coffee, write for a couple of hours and then meal-prep for my day before heading to a nogi practice.

I took a minute, got a piece of paper and tried to chart out my proposed training schedule for the next week. See, the thing is, when you train as much as I do, you kind of need a plan. Training 2-3x per day can get a little tricky if you’re not careful and if you throw in too many spontaneous activities like running or strength & conditioning or an extra session, it can really do more harm than good. Remember, more is not better, it’s just more. If you’re going to do more, you have to be smart.

I decided to take it easy and not run after I wrote my entire schedule down.


For one, refer to that paragraph I wrote about just now about “too many spontaneous activities” and trying to train more. It’s not a good idea more often than not if you are trying to stick to a regimen and execute it all the way through.

Two: The 30 or so minutes that the run would have taken me would have taken away from writing time. Since I am technically no longer “employed” in the AMs, I need to focus on writing so that maybe I can make some money here or there. My livelihood is a little more important than the cardiovascular benefits of said run.

Three: If I had run and had gotten my writing done, I would have lost time to meal-prep. I need about a good half hour to get my meals ready for the day which saves me about $20-30 per day. Furthermore, meal-prepping helps me eat well and healthy and not have to worry too much about what I am putting in my body. That is very important to me and more important than the 30 minute run.

Four: If I was short on time, I would have stressed myself out way too much to try and get everything done before I had to leave for my NoGi session. I can do without the stress.

In any case, thanks so much for reading.

Part of why I decided not to go for my run is because I had to get a head-start on my writing.

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