A little over the week ago, I was sponsored by Natural Stacks to compete at the IBJJF Dallas Open. I have been using their product for about two months and to say that it has made a difference in my performance would be a huge understatement. I have never usually enjoyed taking supplements but I gave this company a try because of their commitment to research and good manufacturing practices in order to create a product that optimizes human performance while also adhering to a very high standard of quality and safety.
I started off taking their BioCreatine. I’ve always enjoyed taking Creatine supplements save for one huge thing: the bloat. I was very excited to note that after taking the BioCreatine, I weighed nearly the same as I did before the workout. There was no bloat whatsoever and I also felt stronger and less fatigued after training. Little by little, after my own careful research, I started to trust more of their product and was immensely happy to find that every product they make had a noticeable impact on my mental and physical performance. After the BioCreatine, it was the Smart Caffeine, then the MagTech, then the Vitamin D3, then the Krill Oil, then the Ciltep, then I noticed my entire cabinet was filled with only one supplement company: Natural Stacks.
I woke up the morning of Dallas Open and took some Ciltep in order to get myself more mentally engaged. At jiu-jitsu competitions, it is easy to lose focus because of its social aspects, coaching teammates, watching other peoples’ matches, etc. The Ciltep helped me tune into the task at hand after distractions that were more than necessary. About half an hour before my match started, I took some SmartCaffeine and BioCreatine. When my matches started, I had never been more focused. I was 100% present during my matches and noticed a much more calm assertion about me while I was competing. I took some BCAA after my semifinal match and a few hours later, before my absolute matches, I noticed I wash’t as sore as I usually am after cooling down. About half an hour before my open weight matches, it was back to the BioCreatine and SmartCaffeine. Again, I was incredibly on point, moved really well and managed to keep my wits about me despite a very intense semifinal. Unfortunately, I feel a little short against the Ultra-heavyweight gold medalist in the open weight final, but it was a hell of a run.
Huge thank you to Natural Stacks for making such a great product. I truly believe it influenced my performance and helped me come very close to reaching my competition goals. I was 6 minutes away from double-gold, but hey… I’ll take a gold and silver.

Here is a video of my finals match in my weight division

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