White Belt Survival Guide



Introducing The Brand NEW Definitive Guide dedicated to showing YOU how to break through that awkward, confusing and often PAINFUL beginner phase!

The White Belt Survival Guide will tear down the barriers beginners have with thoughtful and actionable content you won’t find anywhere else. I will SHOW YOU how to manage and overcome many of the obstacles beginners have so that you can start learning Jiu-jitsu more effectively. Consider this downloadable ebook like a portable private lesson you can take with you EVERYWHERE and maximize your training. 

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“All jiu-jitsu beginners have questions. How can my skills get better more quickly? Why am I getting tired so fast? What are the most important moves to practice? When will I see good results? How do I know if I’m ready to compete in a tournament? The answers are all here.” -Brian, Black Belt

“This book is so very helpful. I am early in my journey, but it has really helped to understand what has been happening to me on the mat, and how I should be thinking and approaching my Jiu-Jitsu journey moving forward.” -Ron K, White Belt

“I think everyone should read this. Not just white belts. It would save a ton of time trying to figure everything out“ -Adrian K, Purple Belt

I wish I had this my first week! Reading this book was like a checklist of my challenges and experiences of the first several months of my Jiu Jitsu journey. Even (or maybe especially) seasoned athletes all seem to go through the same ups and downs as they adjust to the Jiu Jitsu training cycle and learning curve. Having a guide like this is invaluable to keep you on track and from getting discouraged. It also provides some of the foundational principles underlying the techniques you will be learning, which will make things start to “click” that much faster. Everyone starting or considering Jiu Jitsu should read this, and should probably read it again after you earn your first stripe on your belt.” -Will T, White Belt

“This book will add value to every jiu-jitsu class you take. It maps out the foundation that all students must build on. So when you learn a new move in class you will better understand WHY it works, WHEN to use it, and HOW it fits into the structure of your jiu-jitsu skills.” -Brian T, Brown Belt

“Great job! I loved reading the breathing section and your breakdown of everything else was stellar (mobility, leverage, posture, etc.).” -Teresa, Black Belt

I wish I had this book to read when I first started jiu-jitsu. Even as a blue belt, I still found this book to be incredibly helpful and insightful to many things I have had issues with in my training and mindset. No matter what part of your journey you’re in, there is no doubt that different aspects of this book are still beneficial to your progression.” -Nicole D, Blue Belt

This Book Changed the Game for me. HUGE Eye Opener” -Tom, White Belt

“Great book. It is a blueprint to guide you through your journey as a white belt. It explains what to expect, what to do to improve, and also what NOT to do. Made me look at my learning from a different perspective. Provides advice on what focus in training as a white belt to make your a time as a white belt more enjoyable and fruitful” -Daniel F.