Just recently I got a chance to check out the Flow Kimonos Duffel Bag. Finding a good gym bag can be tough. I have gone through a few of them and each bag has its own advantages.

Initially, when I received the bag, the box it was shipped in was small. I wondered “Umm, how small is this bag?”. When I opened up the box, I saw this awesome, perfectly wrapped and packaged (well done Flow!) bag that used its own compartments to pack the bag (Picture attached). I thought this was really cool and had fun trying to figure out how to open it. After finally getting it undone, the bag was a great size, perfect for what someone like me would need it for: Everyday training and the occasional weekend trip for you folks like myself that do some light traveling here and there.

Initial Thoughts

The bag is made out of a PVC fabric which is waterproof. The Flow website describes it as “burly”. To me, it felt sturdy, but the bag was light and easy to carry. There is not much fluff; one main opening for your Gis or clothes, a side pocket and a couple of mesh pockets. There weren’t many other openings or secret compartments or other unnecessary features. It carried exactly what I needed it to carry.

As the head instructor of a school, I go through about two kimonos per day. Two uniforms as well as a few other accessories (finger tape, my mouthpiece, my belt, a rash guard or two) are all I need to carry. I am an A2 and the fit two gis perfectly. I probably could have shoved another one in there but didn’t see the need. I doubt that most people need to carry three gis each day so looking for one that’s any bigger might be superfluous. As is, the bag is perfectly compact, lightweight, sturdy and easy to carry.

What I loved most

I loved the utility of this bag. Again, as the head instructor of a school, I go through two uniforms daily and this bag was perfect for my needs. It is going to be lighter than most other bags about the same size and the PVC material will give it more sturdiness than other fabrics. I was unable to leave a bunch of dirty gis in the bag and see if it held up to the smell test like I accidentally did with the Flow Kimonos Hemp Gi (read more here), but that might be a good thing. All in all, this is a great bag at a reasonable price and a great bag for everyday use. It carries exactly what you’ll need it to carry with ease and simplicity.

For more info, visit the Flow Kimonos page here! 

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