If you’re looking for an amazing Gi for everyday training, you should strongly consider the Flow Kimonos Hemp Gi.

I first received this gi back in December as a gift and was at first incredible impressed with its comfort. The hemp fabric was soft and the gi itself felt great. It didn’t take me long to break it in. As a matter of fact, I did not even intend on reviewing it but I have come to love using it as my number one training gi that I figured I would give it a mention here.

Since I have had it, it has been in my rotation of training Gis. I rarely use it for classes, preferring instead to use it for tough training sessions where the intensity is higher. The reason for this is that it happens to be my most comfortable gi and seems to be the most durable. Comfort and durability are great qualities to have if you plan on putting yourself and the gi through abuse on the mats.

The Hemp gi experiences two to three hours per week of sparring. So far, there are no rips and no tears anywhere on the fabric. I wash (warm water) and dry my gi in high heat (I know, I’m a monster) after every use and this does not seem to have compromised the material. Further, the antimicrobial properties of the gi has really come in handy.

[Note: Recently, due to some difficulties in traveling, I trained with the gi and was unable to wash it for 5 days so it sat in a bag until I got back home and finally washed it. Big surprise, there was no stink at all! If you have ever taken a long time to wash your gi, you know how big a deal this is.]

What I love about it:

  • The Gi is the most comfortable one I own for daily training.
  • The anti-odor and anti-microbial properties of the gi are especially handy in the event you forget or are unable to wash it immediately.
  • So far, it has proven to be incredibly durable, perfect for abuse.

Other things:

  • The color has faded a little but that is to be expected with all non-white gis.
  • The gi is not as tapered as I’d like but this is Ok; Merely an aesthetic thing. The gi actually fits great. (I’m an A2: 6’0, 175lbs)


Overall I think the Flow Kimonos Hemp Gi is an amazing gi. It is a perfect all around gi because of its comfort and durability. Also, please wash your gi after each and every use but if you somehow forget, the fabric doesn’t seem to retain any of the odor causing bacteria like a lot of other fabrics will.

If you have any questions about it, comment below or check ’em out here!

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