Ground Fighter has been putting out some pretty solid gis lately so I was really excited to try out their new 450 Caliber gi. The 450 caliber is constructed with a 450 gsm pearl weave and 10oz ripstop pants. The fit is tailored for a snugger fit without being illegal for competition like some super-tailored Gis are. The kimono is triple stitched to boost longevity and also reinforced at the knee. From the second I tried it on, I was excited to put it to use!

Initial thoughts

When picking out a size, Ground Fighter told me I could swap the sizes out. In other words, I could use two different sizes of top and pants so I can find the perfect fit. At 6’0″, 174lbs, I wear A2 in most brands. My arms are long so A2s are slightly small on me after they shrink so an A2L is great, except A2L pants are always too long. Ground Fighter allows me to use an A2L top (so my sleeves stay IBJJF legal after shrinkage) and an A2 bottom. This is huge. Constricting me to either an A2 or A2L, the fit would be off. This swap sizing is probably my favorite feature of the gi in addition to the fact that it retails for only $115.

How it Feels in Training

It is comfortable and light. It has already worked its way into my daily rotation, especially during these hot summer months. I have only had it for two weeks so I can’t talk too much about long-term durability, but I’ll write a follow up after putting it through some abuse. I also like the hard EVA foam collar and the skirt fits perfectly; not too short; just long enough. So far, I’ve worn it through about 6 hours of pretty intense training and it is holding up beautifully.


I rarely have time to wash and hang dry my uniforms. I’m sure most people who train everyday, sometimes twice a day have the same issue. After putting the uniform in the washer (hot water) and dryer (hot for 80 minutes is my standard), the gi top only shrunk about an inch. It has gone back to its regular form after the grabbing and pulling of training. The gi pants shrunk a little length-wise but was hardly noticeable unless you’re obsessive like me.

What I love about the Ground Fighter 450 Caliber

The Gi is really light and is amazingly comfortable to train in. The size fits great and the fact that Ground Fighter will let you swap sizes means that you can wear an A2L top (like me) with A2 bottoms. This is perfect for everyone who’s in between sizes like this. At the moment, I’m torn between wearing this gi as my summer training gi because of its lightness and comfort or saving it for competition. I might just keep it as both!


For the retail price of $115, this gi is an absolute steal. If you’re in the market for an affordable, lightweight Gi, the Ground Fighter 450 caliber is a no-brainer. After a couple of weeks, it’s already up there in my list of favorites.

Check out the Ground Fighter 450 Caliber Gi here and stay tuned for more! 

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