“Success has always been the greatest liar – and the ‘work’ itself is a success; the great statesman, the conqueror, the discoverer is disguised by his creations, often beyond recognition; the ‘work,’ whether of the artist or the philosopher, invents the man who has created it, who is supposed to have create it; ‘great men,’ as they are venerated, are subsequent pieces of wretched minor fiction”

-Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil

I came across the quote today and after a second thought, I realized its depth in terms of success. Sometimes when we look at successful people, we tend to only see the fruits of their labor but never the labor itself. The truth of the matter is that there lies a whole world beneath the surface we read and hear about.

The fiction here is the illusion that success is the only image we have of a person who has worked hard and dedicated his or her life to a goal and has sacrificed a lot to achieve what was worked for.

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Success is sweat.

Success is work.

Success is effort.

It is commitment.

It is dedication.

It is resilience.

Success is not the amount of medals or trophies you have but rather a culmination of the failures and sacrifices and obstacles you bounced back from. Everyone wants to succeed until they fail. Everyone wants to win until its time to put in the work.

Often times, perhaps too often, people view the success of others and want that success for themselves without ever looking at the work it took to get there. Assume for one second that what the great Vince Lombardi said was true… that the man on top of the mountain did not just fall there:


Jiu jitsu translates to “The Gentle Art” but let’s be honest with ourselves: There is nothing gentle about it. It is hard and it will drive you into the ground. Ask any world champion what it takes to get there and they will tell you that they did not just land there. Hours upon hours… Days upon days…

Behind every medal is an athlete that bore his or her weight in blood, sweat and tears. Hard work, dedication and a commitment to excellence are a huge part of an untold story.

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