Yesterday I wrote about how important it was in life… in JiuJitsu to get back up when you fall.

Life is unfair. Life will beat you to the ground if you let it, a la Rocky Balboa, and the longer you stay on the ground, the harder it will be to get back on your feet.

Two things I’ve got going for me are my resilience and my resourcefulness. I am confident that I can bounce back and still achieve my goals no matter what life piles on my plate. It’s the same with JiuJitsu.

Most of the time when people are demotivated from training, it comes after a bad training session or maybe a bad life event that throws them for a loop that they can’t seem to rebound from.

Maybe someone gets fired from a job. Maybe there’s a break-up with a significant other. Maybe you get injured or get tapped one too many times by the new flock of white belts that just landed in your school.

Whatever the case may be, we’re always going to experience adversity.

Adversity not only reveals character, but in some cases it will magnify it.

The trick is to hit the ground running. When you fall, fall like a cat: with your feet on the ground.

Over the last few days, since my “life event”, I have felt great. I have felt like a terrible burden has been lifted off my shoulders and there were actually a few “life goals” I have accomplished rather abruptly… unfortunately, I am not situated to meet these life goals in terms of cost, but no less, I have been catapulted into this situation. I could complain, or I could be happy and figure out the rest, right?

When everything happened as it did, I decided to hit the ground running. Almost immediately, once the emotions subsided, I was already putting a plan in place that will put me in the best position to succeed when all is said and done.

I could be upset but I am not. I will overcome I will move forward.

When life punches you in the mouth, smile and move forward. Don’t let yourself fall to the ground so easily.

Just like in JiuJitsu, get back up, slap hands and hit the reset button.

Don’t ever stop moving.

Hey everyone, thanks again for your support.

I greatly appreciate the messages and emails I’ve received and I cannot thank you enough for letting me know I have great people in my corner.

I have also had a few shirt orders go through to help the site so I again, I can’t thank you enough!

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